About Jane Kleinschmit

Artist Statement

Painting for me is a constant process of searching for beauty, strength, sensibility and movement. It is the explosion of colours, the clash of forms and the use of expressive gestures that most characterize my painting. Living in Spain has made me realize how much it actually has its roots in the Northern European expressionistic tradition. However, I am strongly influenced by the southern imagery which surrounds me.

I paint figuratively, featuring animals, plants, people, beaches and the sea in all its constantly changing moods. My figures are sometimes woven into an almost magical atmosphere of tropical gardens, sometimes set in an apparently simple yet powerful background that may have an almost hypnotizing effect on the spectator. Contrasting colours and forms play a major part as well as capturing movement. I specially enjoy creating absurd situations such as giraffes on the beach or elephants in the sky, suggesting another reality.
And so it appears to be totally natural for a giraffe to potter about Granada´s beaches, and couldn´t possibly be more normal.

I nearly always listen to music while painting, and sometimes sing along with it. Naturally, there are different phases during the process. A painting needs music as well as silence – which can of course also be seen as a form of music… Recently, singing has become more important for me during the process of painting. For example, a melody on the radio may inspire me to a vocal improvisation, which likewise may benefit the painting. And the painting in its turn can then inspire me to follow up the previous idea. And viceversa… Indeed, the painting paints itself, the painter being only a medium, the music going along simultaneously. Sounds just like a farytale, doesn’t it? But that’s how it works. Painting and singing can be coproductive!